WATCHED: Eliot Rausch

WATCHED: Eliot Rausch

Eliot Rausch is a filmmaker and director from Los Angeles, California. He worked with Translation LLC to create a campaign comprised of several digital ads for Under Armour. He also directed Ed’s Story, a series of seven short documentary films about Ed Dobson, pastor emeritus of Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ed was diagnosed with ALS in. The films document Ed’s life with the disease and encourage viewers to be hopeful and gracious. In 2010, his documentary Last Minutes With Oden won the Documentary Award and Grand Prize at the Vimeo Festival + Awards. In 2013, In 2013, his short film Find Your Understanding, which he created with 180 LA for Expedia, was awarded “Most Tear-Jerking Viral Ad of the Year” by Ad Age and was named one of TED’s 10 Best Ads of the Year. Eliot Rausch films are visceral. His campaigns are moments. They make advertising personal. 


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